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01.01.2022 - SWD GmbH CEO Uwe Wannags

Please note:
Since January 1st, 2022 we have been operating under the name SWD GmbH, GF Uwe Wannags.
The Uwe Wannags e.K. was largely taken over by SWD GmbH and united under the SWD brand.
All existing offers and orders will be taken over by SWD GmbH and carried out as agreed.

GF/CEO: Uwe Wannags
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3
25451 Quickborn, Germany

Tel +49 4106 6109 - 10
Fax +49 4106 6109 - 40
Mobile +49 170 3410 546

Register-Nr. HRB 16041 PI

USt-IdNr./VAT DE345831933

Postbank AG
IBAN: DE59 3701 0050 0992 8635 09

01.01.2021 - Value Added Tax increase to 19%

The german goverment reduced due to Corona issues the Value Added Tax from 19% to 16% temporary till 31.12.2020. That time is over. From now on we will charge 19% VAT again.

01.07.2020 - Value Added Tax reduction to 16%

The german goverment decided due to Corona issues to reduce the Value Added Tax from 19% to 16% starting from 01.07.2020 temporary till 31.12.2020. So upon now we will calculate with 16% Value Added Tax.

23.12.2015 - Comtrol RocketPort UPCI Interfaces EOL Announcement

Effective December, 2015
As an important supplier to our many valued customers, Comtrol Corporation makes every effort to assure long-term availability of our industrial communication products. Despite our best efforts to manage the product life cycle, however, on rare occasions in the case of mature products, we are faced with instances where, on short notice, a vendor is no longer able to provide a key component. Such an issue has recently come to our attention concerning a component used in the RocketPort UPCI interfaces that we have manufactured consistently over the last fifteen years.

This notice Is being issued to advise our customers that, due to this lack of availability, Comtrol is announcing the end of life and end of sale for the RocketPort UPCI interfaces listed below. A full line of replacement cards and interfaces is available in the Comtrol RocketPort Infinity PCI card family and cross referenced in the table below. These products offer many advantages over the products they replace including lower prices, identical software installation and management interface and a higher performance design. Please contact your Comtrol sales representative to discuss migration options and free evaluation models.

View the EOL Announcement and Comparison Chart PDF here.


03.05.2013 - New Webshop

Since May, our new Webshop is available on The integrated search helps to find the right product out of our 7000 article comprised assortment. Complementary to the OS proper, SWD offers a line of QNX-based application software: development tools for portable applications, connectivity products for integrating QNX applications into heterogeneous system environments, drivers and other software for accessing custom and non-custom hardware. Uwe Wannags, Hard-+Software Distribution (short SWD named) also offers a choice of hardware components that have a record of proven QNX interoperability. Besides industry PCs and fieldbus components this includes among other things embedded harware such as PC/104 components. SWD was founded in 2006 at Quickborn near Hamburg. Founder and president is Uwe Wannags. Selling: Uwe Wannags Hard-+Software Distribution e.K. Raiffeisenstrasse 4 D-25451 Quickborn, Germany

01.08.2009 - Sealevel releases the SBC-R9 delivers RISC computing power with a wealth of I/O features and uses the latest embedded software environment

The SBC-R9 is an application-ready platform for your next product design. The system is based on the 200MIPS Atmel AT91SAM9263™ microcontroller boasting a 32-bit ARM® instruction set for maximum performance. With up to 256MB RAM and 256MB Flash memory, the unmatched I/O features of the SBC-R9 extend the possible uses beyond traditional ARM applications. The SBC-R9 is the perfect platform for embedded applications requiring small size, wide operating temperature range, and flexible I/O connectivity. Works wit Linux & Windows CE 6.0 at full -40° +85°C operating temperature range. Sized 185 x 125mm. 7-30VDC. 

Ethernet, USB Device/USB 2.0 Ports, CAN Bus, 4x RS-232/485, 8+8 digital IO, 8 analog inputs.

01.06.2009 - New ARCNET Controller Board A66_ISA

New ARCNET Controller Board A66_ISA for ISA Bus RoHS compliant is now available. The boards are equiped with SMC's COM90C66 (Rev. D). So they are working as a replacement of older cards in coaxial cable environments. The existing drivers can be used for this board. 

Furthermore available is a wide range of new and refurbished ARCNET cards ISA, PCI and Arcnet-Hubs and -Switches.

01.07.2008 - Connect Tech CANpro/104

Connect Tech's CANpro/104 Opto combines the power of two NXP SJA1000 CAN controllers with the compact size and rugged stability of PC/104.

01.03.2008 - Comtrol switches multiport product range to RocketPort Infinity

Due to the advantage that new boards supports uPCI, PCI and PCI-X as well as RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 the former RocketPort uPCI will be discontinued. As you know Comtrol Corporation introduced the RocketPort Infinity product range towards the end of 2007. This product supports uPCI, PCI and PCI-X environments. With this in mind it has been decided to discontinue the RocketPort uPCI product range from the end of 31st December 2008. The RocketPort Express product range supports PCIe environments. At present they will continue to manufacture the RocketPort uPCI 4J and 8J in the usual way. <> The RocketPort 550 range will be unaffected by this change.

01.08.2007 - New and used Arcnet network cards and hubs

We offer an extensive range of new and used arcnet network cards and hubs.