Advanced Relay, founded in California 1982, is a specialist in data communications. Advanced Relay developed and marketed LayGO, a multiprotocol toolkit targeted to integrators of PC-based WAN, such as X.25 packet rooters, bridges, switches, gateways, Frame Relay access devices, packet assembler/disassembler and packet multiplexers. The other product is the external PXS, a Protcol eXchange Server. It use an integrated ARM7 network processor. The synchronous ports are configurable for RS-232, RS-422, V.35 and RS-485 interfaces. RS-232 supports 128kbps, RS-422/V.35 2.048Mbps. Ethernet port auto-detects 10 or 100Mbps and a direct or crossover connection. The PXS exchanges syncronous protocols for TCP/IP Ethernet and reverse. It can operate as a gateway, tunnel, bridge, switch or other type of communications server
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