Empress Software Inc. develops a multimedia Relational Database Management System with superiour binary large object (BLOb) handling capabilities. Its compact, fast database engine and maintenance-free operation makes it the ideal choicefor embedded systems developers. EMPRESS RDBMS also includes a low-level C language API, Embedded SQL, an ODBC interface, a report writer, a 4GL RAD tool, and an Internet applications toolkit for HTML and Java applications. EMPRESS operates on over 1500 UNIX and Windows platforms including real-time environments like QNX. Since its release in 1979, EMPRESS has proven its ability to handle demanding applications in such fields as space exploration, process control and automation, telecommunications, network management, image and voice management,geographical information systems and business management. Empress Software isdedicated to continously serving its customers. New features and technical enhancements to Empress products are driven by customer demands and continously provided via updates. An international network of subsidiaries and distributors allow Empress Software to work closely with VARs, OEMs and end-customers all over the world. Empress Software Vertriebs GmbH offers customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe a wide range of services. Technical support is available through a maintenance program - other services include on-site training courses, engineering and consulting.
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