DFlex/Fast Serial Adapters

The DFlex-2/Fast and DFlex-4/Fast are standard multi-port serial adapters for ISA Bus Architectures. They provide a highly flexible solution for software applications requiring multi-channel serial I/O and high speed data transmission rates up to 460K baud. With the different SLIM modules theuser is able to configure a DFlex/Fast board to suit the various I/O electrical interface requirements of their application.


  • Optional 16650 or 16750 UARTS are used to control each port.
  • Eight pre-defined port address sets are DIP switch selectable, contact Connect Tech sales for custom address sets.
  • Ports 1 and 2 can be configured as COM1 and COM2, respectively.
  • To improve performance, DFlex boards offer an interrupt status register.
  • Each port can be configured independently from 50 to 460K baud.
  • IRQ lines are jumper selectable. A choice of 8 IRQ lines is available, each board can set be to run 1, 2, or no interrupts.
  • a choice of a DB9 cable harness or DB9 external connector box. ( custom connector solutions offered as well. )
  • SeePORT: SeePORT is a serial communications monitoring and data capturing program compatible with Connect Tech products thats have SeePORT support. Currently SeePORT support is provided for Windows95. Follow this link to download SeePORT for Windows95.


High Speed Communications
DFlex /Fast boards provide rapid data transfer rates up to 460K baud on all ports. Each port can be configured independently.  This make DFlex/Fast adapters ideal solutions for connecting external ISDN terminal adapters (modems) to your computer.

Hardware Flexibility
DFlex/Fast boards use SLIM technology to provide different electrical interfaces such as RS-232, RS-422/485, and RS-423 on the same board. As hardware requirements change within the application, the usermay field upgrade the board with the appropriate interface module. Multiple DFlex /Fast boards may reside in a computer to accommodate large multi-user or multi-channel I/O requirements. Port addresses and interrupt lines are DIP switchand jumper selectable.

Diagnostic Tools
Dflex adapters include the software data line analyser for Windows95, SeePORT. SeePORT helps you to diagnose communication problems and therfore minimize downtime.
Follow this link to download SeePORT for Windows95.

See the Computer Telecommunication Systems, Inc. ( CTS ) review of the Dflex.

Software Compatibility
DFlex boards are supported by the most popular multi-user operating systems such as:

  • SCO Unix & SCO Open Server DeskTop
  • QNX 2 and QNX 4
  • MS-DOS
  • Concurrent Controls Multiuser DOS
  • Lynx-OS ( 2 ports only )
  • Windows 3.1 (third party support required)
  • Windows95
  • Windows NT
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • OS-2 Warp ( OS/2 support for 450/550/650/750 UARTs is available from OS/tools and SIO (Ray Gwinn). Note that these drivers are used at your own risk. SIO and OS/tools are third party vendors of OS/2 serial drivers and are in no way affiliated with SWD)

Easy to Use
DFlex/Fast products come ready for simple installation. Included are board,cable assembly, DOS utilities and Windows95 driver anda comprehensive manual.

Warranty and Service
Every Connect Tech product is built and tested to meet high standards of quality and reliability. DFlex /Fast products are covered with a one year warranty.


Product DFlex-2/Fast DFlex-4/Fast
Number of Ports 2 4
Interface Modules RS-232or
RS-485/422 or
RS-232 or
RS-485/422 or
Connectors (note a) DB-9 Male DB-9 Male
Dimensions (noteb) 16 cm x 11.7 cm
6.250`` x 4.25``
16 cm x 11.7 cm
6.250`` x 4.25``

a)Other connector options are available please contact sales@swd.de for more details.
b) Dimensions indicate the length of the Dflex inside the computer.

Control Signals RS232: RTS, DTR, TXD, RXD, DCD, CTS, RXD
RS422/485: RTS, TXD, CTS, RXD
Baud Rates 50 to 460K baud
Addresses 8 pre-defined port address sets are DIP switch selectable
Interrupts Jumper selectable for 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15
UART Types 16650, or 16750

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