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Industrial Opto-Isolated RS485 Hub (Externally-powered), (optional Stecker/Plug CFR-PLUG-US-EU2=EUR 4,-)
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Industrial Opto-Isolated RS485 Hub (Externally-powered)

RS485 Isolated Hub Converter
Model: HUB-485-4

The HUB-485-4 is a rugged, industrial-grade, optically-isolated RS-485 Hub/Splitter/Repeater, which supports multi-drop 2-wire RS485 networks and can be used to expand RS485 networks by splitting one RS485 network into four (star wiring), in turn increasing the maximum number of nodes and the distance covered by an RS485 network. The product features 2500V opto-isolation circuitry and supports data direction auto-turnaround. The unit is powered from an external 9 to 30VDC power supply (included), and it can be mounted directly on a wall, panel or DIN Rail, without a need of using any unsecured DIN-Rail or wall-mount brackets.

2-wire RS485 | 300 to 115.2K Baud

Rev: 06/19

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