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Industrial Externally-Powered RS485 to TTL 5V Converter no PS
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Industrial Externally-Powered RS485 to TTL 5V Converter, no power supply

RS485 to TTL Converter
Model: TTL-485-2

The TTL-485-2 is a compact, industrial-grade RS485 to TTL converter, which can be used to convert 2-wire RS485 to 5V TTL / CMOS compatible levels and vice versa. The unit is powered from an external 5V DC regulated power supply (not included); it supports data direction auto-turnaround, which automatically enables the RS485 transceiver when data is present on the TTL side. Therefore, it requires no software drivers or flow control, making the unit a highly reliable and truly plug-and-play device. The built-in selectable 120-Ohm terminator can be turned ON or OFF through a simple jumper setting, thus making the unit an ideal solution for all types of applications.

TTL 5V | 2-wire RS485 | 300 to 115.2K Baud

Rev: 06/18

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