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02.01.2005 - Corman product line available

Already at the end of last year Gandacar ( took over the business for the X.25 products for QNX4.x. This doesn't only means production and sale but also development. The first new prdouct X.25 for QNX6.x was just finalized.
B&E Technologies ( will produce the older network products again. Ethernet products are already available from stock, the other products will following very soon.

01.01.2005 - Embedded World February 22-24

Connect Tech Inc. and SWD will present in Nuremberg, Germany Hall 12, Stand 12-518 the newest Multiport and Device Server products. You may see the new Xtreme/104-Plus multiport boards for the new PC/104 standard or may have a look on the device server BlueHeat/Net available with 2 to 16 ports also available for extended temperature range.

02.10.2004 - Connect Tech exhibits on the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Electric Automation Systems and Components November 23-25, Nuremberg

Connect Tech exhibits on the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Electric Automation Systems and Components November 23-25, Nuremberg Visit CTI and SWD at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany, at booth 7A-520 to see the communication solutions for automation technology. You may order a free visitor pass from SWD:

01.10.2004 - The DeviceMaster AIR 1-Port wireless serial device server

The DeviceMaster AIR 1-Port wireless serial device server can be panel- or DIN-rail mounted. The product utilizes the 802.11b protocol for the Ethernet connection, a DB9 male serial port, and is housed in a stainless steel enclosure. It supports RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial communication modes. The product is capable of executing device resident applications developed with the DeviceMaster software developer's kit, and is remotely manageable with PortVision. The product has been tested and certified compatible with D-Link access points, and is also compatible with other 802.11b access points.

01.01.2004 - embedded world 2004

Connect Tech and SWD head to Nuremberg to attend to the embedded fair from 17. to 19. February. Hall 11 booth 11-427. We show the products from CTI and special Blue Heat/Net. The Blue Heat/Net enables you to add virtual serial ports wherever you need them, and control them from anywhere on your network.

01.12.2003 - NEW!! The QNX Cookbook

Kick your QNX Neutrino projects into high gear with tons of tested, documented, and, most importantly, thoroughly explained projects! This book features a wealth of both commercial-grade as well as toolkit-grade components. Each component is in its own chapter, and has a detailed explanation of not only how the code works, but also why it was designed the way it was. Plenty of pages are devoted to step-by-step descriptions of the factors that went into the design of each component, how the component makes use of the various features of the operating system, as well as additional enhancements that you can do to change the functionality of the components. Topics include everything from thread fingerprinting (available as a sample chapter), to a RAM-disk filesystem, to data acquisition, graphics file generation on-the-fly, and general topics such as high-availability.

01.09.2003 - Ethnernet Gateway(E488S)

for communication between TCP/IP network and connected GPIB/IEEE488 devices.

01.05.2003 - QNX 6 Neutrino driver for GPIB/IEEE488

The reliable GPIB/IEEE488 driver for QNX 4 which is used at the ESA is now also available for the new operating system QNX 6 Neutrino. The ESA has this driver in use at their Satellite Station in Kiruna since 1997.

01.01.2003 - Lifetime Warranty for CTI products

Connect Tech Inc. Announces New Lifetime Warranty

Guelph, Ontario - January 2, 2003

Connect Tech Inc., designer and manufacturer of multi-port serial adapters, announced that its entire line of products will be covered by a new Lifetime Warranty. The decision to upgrade the warranty, coupled with an existing policy of free technical support, translate into more value and peace of mind with every Connect Tech purchase. The change is effective January 1, 2003.

"We want to offer our customers the most value for their dollar," explained Connect Tech President David J. Worthen. "The Lifetime Warranty removes one element from the decision-making process. Trouble-free repairs and support are a given when purchasing a Connect Tech product;there will be no expensive surprises down the road. We've always stood behind the quality and reliability of our products, and it was time to translate that product belief into a tangible asset for our customers."

The extended warranty includes a grace period of 90 days, and is therefore retroactive to October 1, 2002. Connect Tech will honor the warranty on any purchases made after that date. Customers whose purchases fall outside the time frame may still take advantage of the of the new policy by upgrading their current warranties. Please contact SWD for details.

The warranty will apply across all product families, covering Connect Tech's popular Blue Heat/PCI series, the Xtreme PC/104 family, the CompactPCI-based Titan boards, USB-to-serial products, and the ISA series.

02.12.2002 - Hot Offer only for shortest time

TOP OFFER SCSI RAID system3798,- EUR net**(for 4* 18GB IBM - please call for other prices.)Specifications:HousingStandard Blue Box with twist display and console. 8 hard disk trays, 3 fans and redundant power supply. Desktop or 19"-RackmountRAIDU2 SCSI (LVD) to LVD RaidACS-9900 ControllerIntel i960RN 64bit RISC Proz.RAID-level 0, 1, 3, 5, 0+164 MB Cache (max 128MB)SCSI channel to host: 2(max) Ultra 2 wide LVDSCSI channel to device: 3(max) Ultra 2 wide LVDdata transfer rate up to 80 MB/sMultiple LUN supportHot swap, hot spare, online expansionGUI software & terminal emulationPlatforms: WinNT, SUN, SGI, IBM, Netware, QNXHarddisks4x IBM 18GB LVD, 10.000 Rpm (3x data, 1x hot spare)On request we pre instal QNX Capacity with 8 * 72GB HDDs: 504 GB (w/o hot spare disk / Raid level 5) Please note: This offer is only valid for short time and all components are available for SWD. The system is ready for use with SCSI cable and terminator. A 48 hour burn in test is made. Test protocol with all serial numbers is included.On request we will also offer different stage of extensions for the hard disks and prices for SCSI controllers.
* plus shipping