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01.12.2002 - QNX® Neutrino® drivers now available for Connect Tech Titan

Connect Tech Inc. has just finished the drivers for QNX 6 / Neutrino of the CompactPCI Titan boards. CTI is looking for companies who would be interested to become a beta test site.

01.12.2001 - DeviceMaster Primo – Network-enable any serial device

DeviceMaster Primo delivers the ideal solution for network-enabling devices. Connect Primo between your local area network and any serial device and get instant "anywhere, anytime access" for remote device monitoring and management. Primo packs the power of a full-scale server at a fraction of the price. Its compact footprint makes it easy to embed within integrated systems or deploy remotely wherever the serial device is located. Product Highlights: - One 10/100Base-T Ethernet connection with auto-recovery - One selectable serial port (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485) - Application compatibility for Microsoft® Windows® native COM and UNIX/Linux TTY ports - TCP sockets and serial tunneling - Solid-state design for high reliability - Security mechanism prevents unauthorized access - Compact footprint

01.11.2001 - Connect Tech Unleashes the Mighty Titan

Connect Tech Inc. brings its design expertise to the CompactPCI marketplace with the introduction of its newest multi-port I/O adapter, the Titan/cPCI. Following a tradition of producing cost-effective boards while maintaining high performance and quality, Connect Tech’s Titan offers a number of features on its small, 3U CompactPCI form factor. This flexible board includes two or four ports of jumper selectable RS-232 or RS-485 configuration, the option for front or rear I/O, and support for all of the most popular operating systems. The Titan is capable of baud rates of 1.8342 Mbps on RS-485 and 230.4 Kbps on RS-232, while offering multi-strike surge protection on every signal of every port, ensuring excellent performance and reliability for your communication needs. State of the art 16C950-style UARTs provide 128 bytes of transmit and receive FIFO buffers, improving overall system performance. It is fully compliant with CompactPCI bus specification PICMG TM 2.0 R3.0. “I’m very excited that we are able to build on our foundation of 16 years of design experience and expand in new directions,” said David Worthen, President of Connect Tech. “Offering CompactPCI support in addition to our standard line of multi-port serial adapters further ensures we can provide our customers with the quality solutions they require.” The Titan/cPCI offers the ease of Plug and Play functionality, and is backed by Connect Tech’s superior customer support. With its quality design and highly competitive price, the Titan is ready to fill your CompactPCI needs.

01.08.2001 - The new high performance technology of its NT960 adapter

Connect Tech Inc., a leading manufacturer of quality serial communications adapters, is pleased to announce that the high performance technology of its NT960 adapter is now available for the PCI bus compatible computer. This RISC-based intelligent multi-port subsystem offers one of the industry’s most flexible solutions for demanding serial I/O requirements. Robust and efficient, the NT960/PCI is built around a 33 MHz Intel 80960 RISC processor, with 1 MB of RAM. These features substantially reduce serial I/O bottlenecks on the host CPU, resulting in improved operations for your system. In combination with our modular ACM technology, one NT960/PCI host adapter can accommodate up to 128 flexible, high performance ports. Serial Line Interface Modules ensure your system comes with the electrical interface combinations that are right for your requirements. Add the ease of Plug and Play, and support for all the most popular operating systems and the NT960/PCI subsystem is the logical, reliable choice for your complex communications needs. The NT960/PCI can be purchased as a PCI host adaptor replacement for an existing Intellicon-NT960 ISA bus system, or as part of a new serial I/O subsystem.

31.05.2001 - New RAID systems

SWD offers a wide choice of RAID systems: From Raidlevel1 up to High Performance Raidlevel5 SCSI-Systems, NAS and SAN, SNAZ, Fibre-Channel.

24.04.2001 - Blue Heat/PCI Opto

The Blue Heat/PCI Opto are RS-485 and RS-232 compatible, Two and Four port Optically Isolated multi-port serial adapters for PCI Bus compatible computers. Blue Heat/PCI Opto boards provide robust and reliable industrial strength communications in demanding environments.

01.03.2001 - New Data Sheets

Complementing the catalogue, these pages offer detailed descriptions of our versatile products.? We add regularly new data sheets to inform you about our products.

12.07.2000 - Sealevel products now at SWD

SWD now complements its product range with Sealevel I/O boards to provide communications solutions for additional synchronous and digital protocols. Apart from this, a prominent feature of all Sealevel cards is very high throughput. As a special service, Sealevel offers custom solutions even for small lots.

05.07.2000 - Grand online shop opening

Up to now you could utilise your catalogue to get an overview over our exhaustive range of products. From now on we offer you the possibility to place orders online or to request non-binding offers.

28.06.2000 - TCP/IP for QNX 2 for PCI cards

TCP/IP for QNX 2 offered new possibilities for QNX 2 systems: telnet, ftp and other standard tools enabled efficient communication with any TCP/IP computers. The only limitation was the dependency on an ISA card.The newest version for PCI cards overcomes this restricion. The beta test has now ended and the full product is now available.
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