Connect Tech is a leading manufacturer of standard and intelligent multi-port
serial adapters for ISA-, PCI-, uPCI-, PCI-Express-, Compact-PCI-, PC/104-, PCI/104
PC/104-Plus- and PCI/104-Express- Bus and Development Systems.
The product series Intellicon (intelligent adapters) and the DFlex-, BlueHeat-, BlueStorm- and
Xtreme-Series (standard adapters) offer ideal solutions for multi-user,
multi-channel data collection, distribution and procesing applications such as office
automation, factory automation, point of sale and scientific instrumentation.
Following products were added: PCI/104-Express, Xtreme/CPU, Feature Pak, CAN Controllers, Solid State Drives, synchronuos PC/104 and PCI/104 Cards, Wireless Radio Modem, USB to serial,
Ethernet to serial Products
CTI also provides special options like: opto isolation, extended temperature boards and
customized products.

Products with Prices EUR 0,00 and obsolete products, please ask.