Company In order to be successful in automation technology and to be able to compete globally requires concentration on core competences in order to be among the best in the market in them. This applies to all areas: from control technology of the PLC manufacturer, the motor and performance levels of the drive suppliers up to the sensors technology of the field device producers.
What links them all is a demanding and complex communication technology. And this is where Hilscher see their core competence and this is where they have for years repeatedly set the yardsticks.
The spectrum of industrial communication technology today is very wide-ranging. It ranges from field bus systems up to the Ethernet with it various Real-Time extensions and worldwide access via the Internet; from gateways and PC boards up to ASICs with the associated operating system drivers, OPC Servers and configurators.
Hilscher aim is to offer these technologies and products in a user-friendly manner, on the highest level and to offer them more economically in their own development, manufacture and servicing.
With this strategy Hilscher has been successful in the market for more than 20 years. Hilschers customers:
comprise all large manufacturers as well as more than 1,000 smaller and medium sized consultancies for automation. Hilscher are active internationally and are represented worldwide with own subsidiaries. As an owner-managed, medium-sized company Hilscher are the right size to ensure our own economic independence in the long term and thus to prefer our visionary strategy in place of short-term profit. This is the view of Hilschers staff with their zeal and I with my good reputation. Access to all fiedbusses with a single driver implementation as:
ASI, CANopen,ControlNet, DeviceNet, InterBus, ModConnect, ProfiBus, SDS (Smart Disributed System) and more. Cards are available for follows PC Bus systems: ISA, PCI, cPCI, PC/104, PCI/104, PCMCIA and more. QNX4 drivers from Cogent distributed by SWD.
-Release: Jan. 2018-