• QSSL's free software

  • Free software from QNXStart

  • Free software from Micro Business Applications

    1. PCALC

      calculating program
      PCalc is a great calculating programm with graphical Interface for Photon.
      It has functions like:
      • Conversion of metric into imperial units of measurement
      • Complex math functions
      • Trigonometry
      • etc.



      watch your modem work
      Have your modem under control by watching it when it is working.



      read and search USENET files
      This is a Photon program whose purpose is to simplify reading QUICS archive files.


    4. QCAM

      video software for Connectix cameras
      This Programm contains not only tools to watch the pictures from the camera under Photon it even has tools to convert the pictures into other formats and the drivers to communicate with the camera are included in the software package too.



      Screen Lock for Photo
      Screenlock is a simple screen locking program that may be used as a screen saver. Once started a Photon session is locked against unauthorized access. Any user input, such as keyboard characters, or mouse clicks will bring up a request for password.


    6. THERMO

      Thermometer utility
      It displays the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, has a configurable alarm and will even execute a command such as shutdown when the temperature reaches a preset value.