Hedin Tex(ht): the company
Hedin Tex is a Swedish manufacturer and world-wide supplier of industrial modems, specialising in applications for internal data networks. HT mission is to provide solutions for serial interfaces. HT supply equipment for the distribution, conversion and extension of these interfaces.
HT customers are system providers for control and instrumentation, telearchics, factory automation systems and industrial electronics and building automation; local federations, and engineering and planning offices. HT supply state-of-the-art products and offer their customers reliability and professionalism as a dependable partner. The year-for-year increase in the number of units of equipment delivered world-wide is proof of HT standing in the market.
Hedin Tex(HT): the key to the success
HT philosophy is one of absolute loyalty to their customers. Flexibility is not a matter of hocus pocus. Everything is placed in the hands of our highly motivated employees; from the production in Sweden, right up to distribution on a world-wide basis. The instant handling of enquiries and orders, and immediate dispatch, is a matter of course at Hedin Tex. Direct communication with the customers allows HT to deal with the needs directly, and HT develop customised prototypes within six weeks. And if a problem arises or you have a question; HT deal with it quickly and without fuss.
Hedin Tex(HT): the vision for the future
HT overall goal is expansion on a world-wide basis and the continued development of new business contacts. HT have recognised the needs of the global market and the opportunity it presents for positioning Hedin Tex and their products. As an established supplier in the European market, HT have already been able to close several international deals over the past year through our top business contacts. HT products have been used globally for a considerable number of years by our internationally active customers.
Above all, the product group, line splitters, is enjoying rapid growth within the market. Systems networking can be realised more simply and effectively through the use of this product. Hedin Tex customers who have chosen line splitters for a wide variety of different applications are confident of their universality and efficiency.
The company Hedin Tex has decided to terminate the company on the 321.12.2016. There is no successor company or products. We still have a partial inventory. Please ask the products so we can check availability. We only list all Hedin Tex products on our website, even if there is no delivery possibility. We ship also compatible SYMBONIK DATA Products.
-Release: Jan. 01,  2017-