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01.07.2008 - Connect Tech CANpro/104

Connect Tech's CANpro/104 Opto combines the power of two NXP SJA1000 CAN controllers with the compact size and rugged stability of PC/104.

01.03.2008 - Comtrol switches multiport product range to RocketPort Infinity

Due to the advantage that new boards supports uPCI, PCI and PCI-X as well as RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 the former RocketPort uPCI will be discontinued. As you know Comtrol Corporation introduced the RocketPort Infinity product range towards the end of 2007. This product supports uPCI, PCI and PCI-X environments. With this in mind it has been decided to discontinue the RocketPort uPCI product range from the end of 31st December 2008. The RocketPort Express product range supports PCIe environments. At present they will continue to manufacture the RocketPort uPCI 4J and 8J in the usual way. <> The RocketPort 550 range will be unaffected by this change.

01.08.2007 - New and used Arcnet network cards and hubs

We offer an extensive range of new and used arcnet network cards and hubs.

02.02.2007 - End of Life for ConnectTech's NT960 products

ConnectTech is forced to announce the EOL for the complete NT960 due to the EOL of a critical internal component. Last time buy orders are possible latest March 25.,2007.

01.02.2007 - ConnectTech will terminate the production of all BlueHeat products at beginning of March 2007

For detailed info and conditions of last buy orders please contact SWD.

01.12.2006 - ElektroG

SWD's registration is DE 40000767.

02.12.2005 - WEEE: SWD's registration is DE 40000767

01.12.2005 - embedded world in Nuremberg February 14-16, Halle 12, Stand 12-266

Connect Tech Inc. and SWD will present in Nuremberg Multiport and Device Server products. You may find new 2 and 16 port versions of the BlueHeat/Net family. Some also with fieldbus protocolls as Modbus.

01.11.2005 - ElektroG (WEEE)

SWD registered at "Stiftung EAR" as manufacturer accordingly to the WEEE. The interims ID is 94918096.

01.09.2005 - Arcnet products from Corman

The company B&E Technologies, specialized on Corman products has now released most of the Arcnet products again. So is the for QNX very popular modell CT-N108 available again: From new production as well as a refurbished card. For all other Arcnet products please call. For damaged Arcnet cards and hubs we offer the service of our experienced workshop too.