Allied Telesis is a world class leader in delivering IP/Ethernet network solutions to the global marketplace.
AT create innovative, standards-based IP networks that seamlessly connect you with voice, video and data services.
Enterprise customers can build complete end-to-end networking solutions through a single vendor, with core-to-edge
technologies ranging from powerful 10 Gigabit Layer 3 switches right through to media converters.
Allied Telesis also offers a wide range of access, aggregation and backbone solutions for Service Providers. AT products
range from industry leading media gateways which allow voice, video and data services to be delivered to the home and
business, right through to high-end chassis-based platforms providing significant network infrastructure.
Allied Telesis flexible service and support programs are tailored to meet a wide range of needs, and are designed to protect
your Allied Telesis investment well into the future.
Service Provider, Enterprise, Small and Medium Business, Stackable Edge Switches, Gigabit/10 Gigabit Switching,
Power over Ethernet, Chassis-based Switches, Switch Accessories
iMAP and iMG
iMAP Chassis, iMAP Service Modules, iMG and iBG, Outside Plant
Media Converters
Managed Media Conversion, Standalone Media Converters, Media Converter Accessories
Pluggable Optical Modules, Mounting Hardware, Expansion Modules, PICs & NSMs, PoE
Network Interface
Cards, Laptop Adapters, Desktop Adapters, Server Adapters, Fiber/Copper Mixed Media Adapters, Copper Adapters
Fiber Only Adapters, Secure (Encrypted Data) Adapters
Secure xDSL Routers, Secure Modular VPN Routers, Secure Gigabit Modular VPN Routers
Accessories, Enterprise, Small Business, Clients
Management Software, Device Management, SNMP Network, Operating Systems
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