Uwe Wannags, Hard-+Software Distribution e.K. (short SWD named) was founded in 2006 at Quickborn near Hamburg. Founder and Owner is Uwe Wannags.

Complementary to the OS proper, SWD offers a line of QNX-based application software: development tools for portable applications, connectivity products for integrating QNX applications into heterogeneous system environments, drivers and other software for accessing custom and non-custom hardware. SWD GmbH also offers a choice of hardware components that have a record of proven QNX interoperability. Besides industry PCs and fieldbus components this includes among other things embedded harware such as PC/104 components.

The sales of complex hardware and software in the real time and industrial field requires intensive counseling. To achieve long-term partnerships with our customers, highly qualified assistance to our customers before and after acquiring a product is crucial. Therefore, we at SWD do not merely see ourselves as a sales oriented organization but as a provider of services in the real-time domain. The prerequisite for services like these are competent professionals.

Besides free-of-charge services such as pre- and after-sales counseling and technical support, we also offer introductory and advanced-level seminars and training units. For complex software development projects, SWD cooperates with several software houses so that we have resources even for large projects.