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10.08.1999 - QNX driver for Hilscher-CIF-cards of Cogent

Hilscher CIF-cards offer even access to field bus systems (CANopen, Interbus, ModConnect, Profibus, etc.) over only one single driver! This simplifies the things dramatically in two ways:

  1. On the programming level: you can exchange cards as you like with out the need of modifying the type of access
  2. On the program selection level: you only need a single configuration and diagnostic program

This revolutionary concept was available so far only under Microsoft operating systems. Now Cogent offers for the first time a driver for QNX.

12.05.1999 - Extended product catalogue

We almost doubled the size of the product catalogue:

  • 33 manufacturers
  • 114 product families
  • 1273 products

Moreover we have created a goldmine, where you can find expired and outdated products at bargain prices. Special offers and obsolete products are specially marked.

For finding faster, what you are looking for, you can now select by listing:

  • either only the current products and the goldmine
  • or only the goldmine
  • or all products

27.01.1999 - Improved product catalogue

The previous product catalogue was already flexible and clearly arranged, but it was not fast enough for the rapidly growing range of products. The new catalogue brings improvements on three areas:

  • faster (up to 12 times) by use of the efficient EMPRESS RDBMS
  • more clearly by inserting product families below product groups
  • more comfortably by page navigation also with many search hits

02.12.1998 - Glass fibre Ethernet card for QNX 4.25

Fibre optics is an ideal solution for industrial networks because of its extreme fail-safe characteristics. Linking a QNX computer to a glass fibre network still caused problems on the last meter of the connection, because of a interference-prone twisted-pair cable.

The company Danpex now offers two network cards for the PCI bus, with ST or SC links for direct connection with the glass fibre network. Since the card uses the popular chip DEC 21143, there are no problems supporting it also by QNX 4.25. SWD has taken over the Europ-wide distribution of all network products of Danpex.

10.10.1998 - New QNX4-Book from Frank Kolnick from now on available

Many QNX beginners have missed a practical introduction to QNX 4. QNX 2 experts perhaps still know the book "The QNX Operating System" from Franc Kolnick, the developer of QNX Windows. This was and is the standard work to QNX 2 and it gives practical hints about system architecture and application programming. Frank Kolnick has now finished an appropriate work for QNX 4, for which SWD has taken over the Europ-wide distribution.

15.09.1998 - Lower prices for Comtrol products

With effect from 9/15 we substantially lowered all prices for Comtrol products. You will save 20% on all Comtrol products!

01.09.1998 - German branch of QNX Software Systems takes over QNX selling

On September 1, 1998 the company QNX Software Systems GmbH commenced their operation. This German branch of QNX Software Systems Ltd. (QSSL) has exclusively taken over the distribution of and support for the QNX operating system in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The core team of the new office recruits itself from colleagues of the former German QNX distribution SWD GmbH and become Software GmbH.

For technical inquiries and orders of products from QSSL please use the following adress:

QNX Software Systems GmbH
Am Listholze 76
D-30177 Hannover
Office: (+49) 0511 940 91-0
Support: (+49) 0511 940 91-400
Fax: (+49) 0511 940 91-199

SWD GmbH is still your competent partner for products and services "all about QNX". As specialist for distribution and support of reliable 3rd party products for QNX we supply software and hardware to the German-speaking countries and whole Europe. SWD is among other things authorized distributor for:

  • Connect Tech (serial multi-port cards)
  • Corman (network hardware)
  • Comtrol (serial multi-port cards)
  • Cogent (RAD Tools for photon)
  • Online-Data (DOS/QNX Connectivity)
  • Sybase (SQL data bases)
  • Tilcon (Multiplattform RAD Tools)

Furthermore we offer individual commercial training courses and business development. Beyond that SWD remains authorized QNX Distributor for various Eastern European countries such as Poland, Russia or the Ukraine.

26.08.1998 - QNXFree86 Project becomes active

The people at the QNXFree86 Project have set themselves the goal to convert the latest version of the XFree86 package of the X Window system to QNX. Thus a multitude of newest X-Clients will be available soon.

01.08.1998 - SWD representative office for France, Belgium and Spain

The French company Inforange was dissolved recently. Inforange was the QNX Distributor for the countries France, Belgium and Spain and supplied also a number of 3rd-Party products for the QNX operating system. With immediate effect SWD supplies the entire 3rd-Party product range for QNX also to the countries of France, Spain and Belgium. The customers in these countries are served by a SWD business representative office in the proximity of Paris:

01.08.1998 - Price reduction by ConnectTech

With effect from 8/1 we significantly lowered all prices for ConnectTech products. Depending on the product family you save now up to 25%! In connection with this price reduction all products were assigned to a lower price group.