Alpha Products
To our valued customers:
I am pleased  to present Alpha Product's new and expanded line of hight
quality, low cost A-Bus data acquisition and control (DAC) devices,
per­sonal computers (PCs), and a new set of software products specifically
selected to optimize your DAC system.
Since 1976, A-Bus products have been specified by more than 70,000 OEMs,
VARs, industrial and scientific laboratories, hospitals, health care facilities,
utility companies, electronic manufacturers, building managers and operators,
broadcasters, retail chains, educational institutions, defense contractors,
U.S. government agencies and others. ln 1991, Alpha became an authorized
GSA supplier to U.S. government suppliers.
To accommodate our expanded staff and operations, Alpha relocated to new, l
arger corporate offices in Fairfie.ld, CT. If you have not called or cor­ responded
recently, you may wish to update your records with our new address and phone
numbers on the back cover.
ln this catalog, we introduce our new line of Alpha PCs, uniquely equipped with
our AR-133 parallel adapter for immediate A-Bus interface. A selection of four
popular IBM-compatible PC models is offered at very competitive prices -from
our economical 286 to the powerf ul, high speed 486.
Additionally, we have assembled an array of software systems ranging from
ODIN, specifically written to support A-Bus DAC systems, to powerf ul, versatile
utility and database management programs which optimize cus­ tomer's entire
PC systems.
Because of the growing popularity of DAC systems in "smart building" and
"smart home" applications, as well as in commercial, laboratory and educational
facilities, Alpha has "packaged" several of our best selling products into
convenient, complete A-Bus systems for a variety of applications.
With our new DAC boards, new internally equipped PCs, new software products,
and an expanded customer service staff, Alpha now offers you complete systems
integration -a single source for all your DAC system needs.  Alpha's SIGMA Team
(Systems Integration  Group/Management Assistance) can furnish all of the DAC
boards, sensors, transducers, PCs, system configuration,  sof tware, installation
and startup training required to meet  your  requirements.
OEMs and VARs will find our new Custam Card Configuration (3C) ser­ vice of
interest. OEMs and VARs can submit specifications for modification of existing
A-Bus boards, or to request custam engineering of an entirely new board to
meet their specific requirements.
We'd like to learn more about how you or your organization uses A-Bus products.
Your input can help direct our ongoing R&D efforts toward new products which
best serve your needs.
We thank you for your patronage.

                                                                 Joseph J. Murphy,

Production was stopped in the year 1999/2000. Stock item is present with us
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