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CVT-232A-3, 3-Wire Industrial Port-Powered RS232 Isolator
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CVT-232A-3, 3-Wire Industrial Port-Powered RS232 Isolator

The CVT-232A-3 is a compact, rugged, industrial-grade, port-powered, 3-wire RS232 isolator. This 3-wire RS232 opto-isolator features 5000V opto-isolation circuitry and optically isolates three (3) RS-232 lines (TX, RX and GND), which effectively protects your RS-232 devices from ground loops, noise problems, transient surges, remote lightning and spikes. The unit operates within a temperature range of -40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC), and features 600W surge protection and 15kV ESD static protection. This 3-wire RS232 isolator is efficiently powered from the RS232 data line, and it comes with the auto-sensing and self-adjusting features, which automatically adjust baud rate, parity, stop bit and other COM port parameters to the devices that it is connected to. Therefore, it requires no external power, manual settings or software drivers, making the unit a highly reliable and truly plug-and-play device.

See also: A custom-made product of CVT-232A-3 with reversed bolts and nuts (Part Number: CVT-232A(C)-3).

Rev: 01/19

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