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DIO-48.PC104: PC/104 48 Channel TTL Digital I/O Interface Adapter Kit
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DIO 48.PC104 Kit


The 3701 PC/104 digital I/O interface module is designed around an ASIC emulating two 8255 chips, each providing 24 I/O lines. The board has a DIP switch for flexible I/O addressing, IRQ jumpers for interrupts and two sets of connectors for each port. A standard 50-pin solid state relay I/O module connector is provided. Includes 3701 PC/104 board, ribbon cables, and mounting plate with removable screw terminals for installation in a Relio enclosure. PC/104 48 Channel TTL Digital Interface Kit


Technical Specifications

Number of Channels 48
Current Specification +5V @ 794mA
Output Specification Sink up to 24mA
Source up to 15mA
Board Connector (2) 50-Pin Header
Plate Connectors Screw Terminals
Operating Temperature 0 - +70°C
Storage Temperature -50° - +105°C
Humidity Range 10 - 90% R.H.





  • 48 channels of buffered TTL I/O
  • Each 8-bit port individually configurable as input or output
  • 8255 mode 0 compatible
  • 10K pull up resistors on each bit
  • +5V power and ground provided on connector
  • Right-angle connectors available for OEM opportunities, two industry standard 50-pin solid-state relay rack vertical header connectors standard
  • Includes mounting plate with screw terminals and ribbon cables for installation in Relio enclosure


Rev: 04/13

Bus PC/104
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